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10+ Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas That Transform It to A Cozy and Welcoming Place

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Although you won’t spend much time in farmhouse laundry room, it would be fun to decorate it. You will get the cozy, warm and welcoming space so you will be happy in doing your chores. By applying the touch of farmhouse style, bring the classic and homey feel to your laundry room. Follow these farmhouse laundry room ideas and transform into a sanctuary rather than a workroom.

List 10+ Stunning Decoration and Setting to Your Farmhouse Laundry Room

1. Past Time Decoration

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Taking the past time style would never be wrong. Use the bricks floor and take an antique bucket or washtub to get the typical old farmhouse. Then, you may alsouse the stackable washer and dryer which are put back behind the white long cabinet.

2. Classic Sink

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Replace your utility sink in your laundry room with something which is more homey. Take a classic deep basic farmhouse sink which instantly transform your laundry room to be more comfortable and pleasing.

3. A Wooden Folding Table

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In your laundry room usually there is the table for folding clothes. But due to the function it looks bold and boring. For making the difference, make a folding table from the wood and put on top of your washer and dryer.

4. Rustic Wood Cabinetry

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Build cabinetry in your laundry room with the raw and rough wood instead of using the white plywood cabinets. Go to the hardware store and take your favorite grain.

5. A Sliding Barn Door

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It might look old but something old always would be unique and everlasting. Set a large sliding barn to your laundry room and it will bring back the nostalgic time of your Granny’s farmhouse. Besides it looks classic, it will save the space because no swing door.

6. A Subway Tile Backsplash

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This idea is used for your wall and floor. Install the tile for the permanent look. But if you just need a temporary subway tile look, take a peel-and-stick wallpaper rolls which you can buy at your favorite store.

7. Wood-planked Walls

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This wall style is identical with a farmhouse. This farmhouse laundry room idea also brings the classic look especially when you paint it in white-washed with a special ultra-rustic feel.

8. Chalkboard Paint Cabinets

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To have the look of an old school cabinet, paint it with the chalkboard paint which is easily found at hardware stores. Then customize it by writing your to-do lists for the day or some cute notes for your family.

9. Concrete Trough Sink

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This one brings an industrial look to your farmhouse laundry room. Set a concrete trough-style sink with copper hardware.

10. Metal Tub Utility Sink

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The rustic metal tub sink is also gorgeous for farmhouse laundry room. Decorate with an old ladder for putting a towel. The long one is attached on the wall and the short one is attached beside the sink.

Finally, it depends on you to use which farmhouse laundry room ideas for your house. They are pretty classic, warm and pleasing. Making your laundry chore feels more fun rather than boring.

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